When Prayer Leads To Open Doors.

20 Aug 2019

Mayfield Church of Christ is passionate about serving their local community. Their mission is to be a visible and relevant example of Jesus in the world.

Back in 2015, some of the church members went for a prayer walk around their neighbourhood. One of the places they prayed, was outside the gates of their local school. They prayed for God to make a way for connection and community. Not long after, a couple of people were able to start volunteering in classrooms, helping students with work and reading. The following year, the school received chaplaincy funding and Senior Pastor, Tim, was encouraged to apply for the role. The relationship with the school has continued to grow stronger over the years, despite initial resistance. 

And just a couple of weeks ago, the Church was able to walk through the gates with yet another invitation to connect and work together. It was the Sunday after Mayfield finished their ‘Heartbeat Series’ (which focused on proclaiming their vision, mission and values) that they were able to serve their local community instead of their usual Sunday service. They joined the working bee at the school across the road. It was an opportunity to practically serve the local community, and put their vision, mission and values into action.

Along with other volunteers from the school, they were able to weed, prune, pressure clean and move 17 cubic meters of mulch. Following the hard work, the group of volunteers were able to enjoy a morning tea together that was prepared by a few of the church members.

This is Tim’s reflection: “Praise be to God for this opportunity to connect with our community! And pray that we’ll seize future opportunities like this that he sends our way! When God gives you an opportunity – you jump at it. When He opens a door, you go through it. If you don’t go through it, God will find someone else who is willing to answer the call. If we choose not to answer the call, we miss out on the blessing of being used by God. Our family is poorer because we didn’t get to work together on the mission of God.” 

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Mayfield Church of Christ prayer walk in 2015