Will you?

26 Jan 2021

By Dave Standen

The friendly hands of our Indigenous brothers and sisters are extended toward us, the church, asking “Will you?”

“Will you actively participate in bringing about friendship and reconciliation?

Will you listen to my songs?

Will you walk with me?

Will you help me find truth?

Will you help me seek justice?

Will you please, please, please take my hand?”

If, as Jesus’ followers and as his church, we do not meet this invitation with a passionate ‘Yes’, my fear is that we will miss an incredible journey that God is calling us on in leading the way – toward connection, reconciliation, and justice for our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Now is the time for the church to listen, to love, to learn, and to seek justice for our First Nations people.

As we go, may we see His Kingdom come and His will be done on these ancient and sacred lands on which we journey, dream and worship Creator God, together. 

Dave Standen is a pastor at Kingsway Community Church in Sydney.

*”Will you?” is the title of this artwork by Waka Waka artist, Jasmin Roberts. More info can be found HERE.