Youth resources for Easter

18 Mar 2021

Kids & Youth Pastor at Northside Community Church Tina Phillips shares some of the key resources she uses in her leading her young people through Easter.

Re:think Worship

Re:think Worship is helpful for creative teaching ideas, and has some great Easter resources. The content ranges from video downloads, theme ideas, sermons, worship songs, and ideas for your Easter services. Check out their page HERE.


Skits & Monologues

Skits and monologues can be a really powerful and accessible way for young people to encounter the Easter story. Sunday School Network provides Easter, Lent & Resurrection skits free to download and use. Check out their page HERE.

Dramatix also has a vast resource of free skits ranging from light hearted to heavier content, providing a range of options that may be applicable to your context. Check out their page HERE.

The Skit Guys have highly engaging videos ranging from humorous to contemplative. They also provide scripts for those churches wanting to empower their own dramatic gifts. Check out their page HERE.


Prayer Stations

Prayer stations are an interactive way to teach about Easter. A resource that Tina uses for this is found HERE. Other sites such as Re:think Worship also has resources for prayer stations as well.



Youth Ministry 360

Youth Ministry 360 has many free Easter lessons and devotionals to support you and your youth in their growth and understanding. Check out this page HERE.


Most of these resources are free, making them accessible for all youth/church ministries.