Muvonde Borehole Eases Burden for Entire Community

21 Mar 2022

Image: Women bring water and men create the apron for the new borehole at Muvonde, 2021.


From Global Mission Partners (GMP)


A borehole can ease the burden of water shortages for a community. Without a borehole in the Muvonde community, women had to walk long distances to collect water. They relied on unclean water sources nearby or boreholes in other districts. When the Muvonde borehole was drilled in December 2021, the whole community was filled with joy!

When Showers of Blessing install a new borehole, the community is involved in the process.

Ntando Msimanga, Showers of Blessing Field Officer explains, “Through community participation, a sense of ownership is cultivated, as well as a greater appreciation of value and worth of their newfound asset.”

The Muvonde community rallied together to provide the labour and local resources to complete the build. Ntando describes the process:

“The community cooperates with the construction of the apron and soak away pit (concrete slab and drainage for the pump). We usually leave them to do this at a separate time after we have drilled the borehole (for whenever they can carve out an opportunity in-between their chores). The Muvonde community gathered river sand, pit sand, gravel and water to complete the mix.”

“In keeping with our modus operandi, we provided the equipment for making the apron anda couple of skilled workers who knew how to operate the equipment, courtesy of the Rural District Council. Skilled community members such as builders and carpenters also get their chance to shine as they assist with tools and expertise that are required in such a task. Tools such as trowels, wheelbarrows, and valuable knowledge are required in handling these tasks efficiently.”

Ntando mentioned that, as the borehole was being constructed, the women were of great help in sourcing water from nearby water sources, such as low-lying pits or collection points.

Image: Creating the cement apron for the borehole at Muvonde, 2021

He said, “They carried their buckets overhead, as they usually do, and were pouring the water into a drum for storage. This was a great division of labour displayed by this community. Both men and women have shared in the labour and now both can share in the fruits of the completed borehole.”

The Muvonde borehole is a source of safe water.

Ntando expands, “It has alleviated their plight from drinking contaminated water, represents the gift of improved health and extra time, especially the women who now have a shorter walking distance to collect water as opposed to a long working day to fetch water further afield. They are now collecting water close by.”

March 22 is World Water Day, an annual United Nations Observance that celebrates water and raises awareness for the 2 billion people currently living without access to safe water. Through the work of our partners, we see firsthand how safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) can change lives.

This World Water Day learn more about the issues facing people without safe water. You can visit World Water Day HERE to find out more or learn more about GMP partner Shower of Blessing HERE.

Thank you for supporting our partners giving life-changing safe water, sanitation and hygiene to communities like Muvonde.


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