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11 Jul 2024

Collection: Rockdale Church of Christ Historical Archive

Church opened: 1887

Summary: This digital collection comprises the historical papers, photographs, and operational records, for the Rockdale church of Christ. Items of interest include: handwritten documentation; details about the original church plant, contracts for the purchase of land upon which the original Rockdale church of Christ building was erected, church business and roll records (calligraphic ink writing). Later papers include the building contract for the new chapel, extensions, a-frame building and a range of anniversary souvenir programs and booklets.


Histories of Rockdale Church of Christ

1942 (various dates) – E.J. Hilder Papers (Rockdale Church History)

1942 (19 August) – ‘A History of Rockdale Church,’ E.J. Hilder

1957 – Seventy Years at Rockdale (leaflet)

1960 (27 March) – Rockdale’s submission to NSW Conference History request

1987 – The One Hundred Year Anniversary History, Rockdale Church of Christ (1887-1987)

1987 – Profile, Rockdale Church, N.S.W. (typed)

1987 – A History of the Churches’ Work in Rockdale Church of Christ

1987 – A History of the Work of Churches of Christ in Rockdale: 1887-1987 (booklet)


Celebratory Souvenir Programmes and Flyers

1923 (24 February) – Church Opening and New Chapel Souvenir Programme

1938 – Young People’s Department, 150th Anniversary of NSW Youth, NSW Churches of Christ

1949 (17 February) – G.J. Andrews, Evangelist – Welcome and Induction Invitation and Order of Service

1959 (8 August) – Official Opening of the New Chapel (leaflet) and Photograph (unnamed, undated)

1962 (17-18 November) – Seventy-Fifth Rockdale Church Anniversary (booklet)

1969 (21 July) – Circular Letter, Opening of new Chapel and Hall extensions

1973 (25 February) – Rockdale 50th Anniversary Party Invitation

1973 (25 February) – Rockdale 50th Anniversary Party (history and stories request)

1973 (25 February) – Rockdale 50th Anniversary Programme (yellow booklet)

1987 (6 September) – Centenary Church Service – “News & Views,” Church of Christ Rockdale and Districts (booklet)


Church Building

1922 (30 October) – Building Contract between Trustees, Rockdale Church of Christ and Arthur Burgin, builder

1958 (various dates) – Minutes of the Building Committee, Rockdale Church of Christ

1959 (8 April) – ‘$11,000 Church Chapel,’ The Times

1959 (11 April) – ‘Unusual Design of Church Roof,’ Sydney Morning Herald

1969 (6 June) – Architectural plans, ‘retail of vertical battens to rear wall of nave.’ Keith Sawdy, architect.

1961 (23 July) – ‘Trends in Architecture,’ Rockdale InterChurch News

1961 (Mar-Apr) – A-Frame Pitched Roof advertising feature, Australuco News

1964 – ‘Rockdale Extensions Opened,’ Christian Messenger (p13-16)


About this Project

We are currently scanning historic items donated to us by the Rockdale Church of Christ. Given the high volume of material scanned documents and objects, we invite you to keep checking this page for updates.

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