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Who we are and the platform from which we operate is a result of the vision and sacrifice of those journeying before us and their legacy. The links below share the stories of some of the most important characters and works of our predecessors. Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT publish ‘Occasional Papers’ looking at the history and development of individuals involved in our network from the earliest days of settlement in NSW, as well as pioneering or notable figures from the wider Christian family in the United States and other locations. We are also in the process of scanning and uploading historic documents and images of objects from our church archives.

The Australian Christian – 1940s

The Australian Christian Digital Archive Decade: 1940s Issues: 1940 to 1949 Volumes: XLI to XLIX   1949 (Vol. XLIX) #1-51 to come.   1948 (Vol. XLVIII) #1-51 to come.   1947 (Vol. XLVII) #1-51 to come.   1946 (Vol. XLVI) #1-51 to come.   1945 (Vol. XLV) #51 (19 Dec) Man’s Past Failure, His Future […]

The Australian Christian – 1930s

The Australian Christian Digital Archive Decade: 1930s Issues: 1930 to 1939 Volumes: XXXIII to XLII   1939 (Vol. XLII) #50-51 to come. #49 (6 Dec) The Person and the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ #48 to come. #47 (22 Nov) Speaking Truth in Love #46 (15 Nov) Evangelism and the Days of Christ #45 […]

The Australian Christian – 1920s

The Australian Christian Digital Archive Decade: 1920s Issues: 1920 to 1929 Volumes: XXIII to XXXII   1929 (Vol. XXXII) #1-51 to come.   1928 (Vol. XXXI) #1-51 to come.   1927 (Vol. XXX) #1-51 to come.   1926 (Vol. XXIX) #1-51 to come.   1925 (Vol. XXVIII) #1-51 to come.   1924 (Vol. XXVII) #1-51 […]

The Australian Christian – 1910s

The Australian Christian Digital Archive Decade: 1910s Issues: 1910 to 1919 Volumes: XIII to XXII   1919 (Vol. XXII) Issues #1-51 to come. 1918 (Vol. XXI) Issues #1-51 to come. 1917 (Vol. XX) Issues #1-51 to come. 1916 (Vol. XIX) Issues #1-51 to come. 1915 (Vol. XVIII) Issues #1-51 to come. 1914 (Vol. XVII) Issues […]

The Australian Christian – 1900s

The Australian Christian Digital Archive Decade: 1900s Issues: 1900 to 1909 Volumes: III to VIII   1909 (Vol. XII) Issues #19-51 to come. #18 (6 May) Centennial Number Issues #1-17 to come.   1908 (Vol XI) Issues #1-50 to come.   1907 (Vol. X) Issues #1-50 to come.   1906 (Vol. IX) Issues #26-51 to […]

CCNSW Annual Conference Booklets

THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST IN NSW & ACT ANNUAL CONFERENCE BOOKLET COLLECTION The churches of Christ in NSW & ACT has a rich archive of Annual Conference Booklets and Conference Minutes. About this Collection: The Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT Annual Conference Booklets were produced to support the yearly gathering of churches in […]

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